Monday, April 30, 2012


These two chapters contain individual entries for all 641 Hytens and 311 of the Hitens.  ( I lack information on most of the South African Hitens who reside outside the USA. )
Using myself as an example, each entry contains the following information if I have it:

ROBERT (BOB) SPENCER HYTEN, JR.                        •Full name. (Nickname or middle name if it is commonly used)
1025 Randle St.                                                        •Street Address
Edwardsville, IL, 62025                                              •City, State, ZIP code
(618) 656-4105                                                       •Phone number                                            •Email address

   RS-GR-JR-TO                                                     •Father, Grandfather, etc.
   b. 7/7/1939, Alton, IL                                           •Birth date and place
   d. x/x/xxxx, City, IL                                                •If I had died, the date and place
   bur: Wooddlawn Cem., Edwardsville, IL                      •Where I might be buried
   m. 9/2/1961, Edwardsville, IL  (dv. 1978)                  •Marriage date and place (Divorce date)
     Judith Marie Richardson (b. 5/25/1941)                 •Wife's name and birth date
   1+ Robert L, Hyten                                                •Children's name (+ means his information is listed separately)
   2• Spencer R. Hyten                                              •(2• The dot means this child has died and is listed separately)
   3.  Lori May Hyten                                                  •This child still lives at home

While I need all this information to properly track each person, I will not make it available to the public. If someone inquired about you I would send that inquiry on to you for you to answer OR if you wish, with your permission I would answer it.

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