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MAY 1997

In May of 1997 I did a search for the HYTEN and HITEN names on the internet at the Edwardsville, IL, Library.  I found over 60 hits on HYTEN and over 260 on HITEN. I was able to assign almost all the HYTEN hits to people I had previously identified.  With the HITEN name it was a different story.
In the Excite web site there is an address for Hyten Manufactured Homes, 102 S. Marshall Ave., McLeansboro, IL, 62859-1118. I think it is owned by David Lee Hyten, Jr.
C. Hyten, Minneapolis, MN, appears on the internet Lycos web site  as well as a couple of PhoneDisc programs. The number listed is disconnected so I don’t know who this is.
The Alta Vista web site yielded several hits including long since deceased Forest Clay Hyten (1890- ??) who is listed among “Early Students at Notre Dame” where he attended in 1909-10.
Timothy Hyten Stites, the son of Lila Lorene Hyten- Stites, is listed in the Kansas State University class of 1982. 
Bruno’s son, Eric Thomas Hyten (1978), gets several listings by way of the postings of the Rose-Hulman University, Terre Haute, IN, athletic department’s public relations staff.  Eric was the quarterback of the 1996 football team and led the team in several categories.
The most listed HYTEN is Howard Thomas Hyten (1964) who lives in Austin, TX, and is very active in an OS/2 users group. He contributes a lots of technical information for their web sites.
The strangest HYTEN is HYTEN HUSTLE BUSTLE, who is listed in the “English Bulldog Pedigree Index”. At the time I wasn’t able to find out who bestowed the HYTEN name to him, but I did in 1999.
Valerie Ann Hyten (1978) contributed a question to the “Challenger (Space Shuttle) Hunt Questions” web page of her school in Bloomfield, MO.
  Press releases from Wyle Labs, a testing, research, and engineering firm based in California, included quotes from Senior Vice-President Sherwyn Dean Hyten (1935).
Dyna Fusion Industries of Bayswater, Western Australia, lists among its products a welding material named “HYTEN”. (In 1999 I found out that this is a high tensile strength steel alloy.)
Illinois High School Association data lists William Michael Hyten (1947), my cousin, as superintendent of the Triad School District in Troy, IL, and (Kay) Mary Kay Hyten (1945), my sister, as the volleyball coach at Edwardsville, IL, high school.
A Mormon Church entry about a mission to the Philadelphia - Camden area from Sept., 1992 to June, 1994, mentions “Elder Hyten”. This is Thomas Jay (1973), Jerry Lester’s son. I believe that family are the only HYTEN Mormons.
An article about the magnetic ink character recognition process titled “If You Think MCR Readers Stop Fraud, Think Again” includes a quote from FBI agent Dennis Phillip Hyten (1946) who was investigating banking fraud.  Dennis also is listed in the results of the May, 1996 Indianapolis Mini Marathon, a half marathon.  He finished #4768 in 2:06:43 which is 9:40 per mile.
Several articles were found that were written by Todd Lowell Hyten (1961) who is a reporter for the Boston Business Journal.
His older brother Cloyd Miles Hyten (1956) is on the staff at the University of North Texas and a book he co-authored is listed.
My nephews both made University of Illinois web pages while students there. David William Hyten (1970) gained Merit Recognition for his 1993 project entered in the Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Awards competition.  His brother, Steven Joseph Hyten (1975), won a Dads Association Library Award for straight “A”s through his sophomore year.  He’ll probably make the internet again because he graduated in 1997 with straight A’s and a place on the Bronze Tablet.

There were over 260 hits for the HITEN name. That included a lot of Asian-Indian students in both Britain and the USA whose first name was Hiten.  A web site for the “Kabalarian Philosophy” gives an extended “analysis” of the name which is apparently popular in India.  As with any of these kinds of readings, it contains stuff you really want to hear  like, “You have a very imaginative, creative mind” ... along with a soft list of weaknesses.  I guess it’s fun if you are into that kind of stuff. Hitendra is the girls’ equivalent name.
There are a great many articles referring to a Japanese lunar probe named HITEN which was launched in 1990.  It was named after a figure from Japanese mythology.  Based on a painting I also found by an artist named Yoshitaka Amano, I guess it is a female with an air of mystery about her.
There was a folk music concert named HITEN in Japan in February, 1997. 
Gelingen International, Co., Ltd. manufactures a “HITEN frame” which is used on Raleigh bicycles. (This would refer to the steel alloy.)
I found two uses of the name in computer or video games.  “HITEN Pom-Pom Uni Bomber” has something to do with the game Ranma.  Global Riders has a “HITEN Unit”.
HITEN is an acronym for High Temperature Electronics Network.  I don’t know enough about electricity to know what that means.

I did find some references to real live HITENs including two of the South African HITENs.
The Georgetown University Directory of Professors Emeritus includes “Edith A, Hiten, M.A., Asst. Proff. of French”.  She’s Stephen Stegman Hiten’s wife, Edith Geymet-Hiten.  I believe that it is he that is referred to in a lecture by Ahmed Deedat titled “What the Bible Says About Mohammed ...”  In that lecture Deedat recalls 30 years ago attending a series of lectures by a “Rev. Hiten”.  This is the Stephen Stegman Hiten who lectured frequently in his role as a Seventh Day Adventist minister.
The staff directory of Freed-Hardemann University lists “Music: Wynelle Hiten”.  That’s (Wynelle) Ina Wynelle Hiten (1922).
The 1997 Spring Class Schedule of Owensboro, KY, Community College lists four management classes taught by “Hiten”. This is (Rick) Ricky Muarice Hiten (1952) who is named by the Big Yellow pages of the internet as manager of Diversified (Property) Management, Inc. in Owensboro. 
The other identifiable HITEN is  in the results of the 1997 Sweetheart 5K run in Stratford, CN.  This is Thomas Royal Hiten (1950) who finished seventh overall in 23:54.

MAY, 1999

This search was on WebTV. This corruption of the internet doesn’t allow you to download or print so I spent hours taking notes as I scrolled a page at-a-time though the data.
The first place I looked was the genealogy sites. ancestry.com had 84 HYTEN and 38 HITEN phone listings, 44 and 42 social security deaths, and 1 and 4 world trees. They also had a mass of pay sites that purported to have information. rootsweb.com, cyndislist.com, and worldgenweb.com were of no use at all. It was in looking at them that I realized that published stories about great web sites are no more than in-house PR flak or advertisements.
genealogy.com actually is of value. Unfortunately, it, too, has more pay sites than free information. Lots of these pay references seem to be interesting, but no one can afford to pay over and over for information when it is most likely to be stuff you already have. From this exercise I decided that it is possible that the World Family Tree collection of CDs might be a good source.

A HYTEN search of Excite produced the “Super Hyten Driver” This golf club made by Kasco from the high strength HYTEN steel must be good because it costs over $500. (In 2000 my brother Kenny bought one and said it was a good one although his scores didn’t actually drop $500 worth.)
I found several more bulldogs named HYTEN, mostly with English owners.  Eventually I got in touch with Rosemarie and Paul Kent in Trench Telford, England, who told me how the name HYTEN became that of their bulldogs. In 1966 they were both working at a factory, Hytenstile Reinforced Steel Bending, which, I suppose, was so named because they worked with the high tensile HYTEN steel. They decided to add HYTEN to the names of the bulldogs they were breeding because bulldogs should be like reinforced steel. Offspring of their dogs now reside as far away as California. By the way, their letter had a stamp affixed to the back depicting a bulldog with the title “Hiten Bulldogs.”

Any general search such as this is frustrated by the preponderance of references to just four HYTENs. Howard Thomas Hyten at the University of Texas is apparently a Macintosh OS expert and computer people are naturally all over the internet. Cloyd Miles Hyten at Univ. of North Texas is a prolific writer and lecturer in the field of behavior analysis. Eric Thomas Hyten played football for Rose-Hulman U. in Indiana and their PR department plastered the net weekly with his stats. Todd Lowell Hyten is a business writer in the Boston area who has lots of stuff on the net. These four take up over half the 300 hits on the HYTEN name.

My son, (Rob) Robert Spencer Hyten, III, was listed on the all-time fastest lists of the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s track and cross country teams even though he only ran there one year while in Dental School. He’s also listed among Carlyle, IL, businesses.
Lori Hyten has a couple articles she wrote for the Hawkeye newspaper in Iowa. Lt. Col. John Earl Hyten took part in various Air Force conferences. An article on Arkansas pottery of course mentions Charles Dean (Bullet) Hyten. (Josh) Joshua Ryan Hyten made all-conference swim teams competing for Indianapolis’ Ben Davis High School in 1998.
A good find was Maxine Brown’s inquiry about her ancestor, Alfred Hyten, which eventually led me to more information on the Samuel Gwinn Hyten branch.
There’s a Hy-Ten Plastics in Milford, NH. The word hyten occurs in texts in some Scandinavian languages as well as Afrikaner. Shelli Ann Hyten is a recruiter for Enterprise Leasing and her brother Michael William had a site while a student at Illinois State U.  David Lawrence Hyten is an attorney in Pueblo, CO. and Amy Sue Hyten was a student activist while a  student at Washburn, KS, U. Law School.
extra.entisoft.com indexes last names. While it somehow has no listings for  HITEN, Hyton, or Hiton it says that HYTEN is the 63,157th most popular name in America.
Steven Joseph Hyten placed tenth in the 1992 Illinois State high school golf tourney and somebody named Julie says Casey Lee Hyten is her best friend. Col. Blaine Warren Hyten was involved in Main, Germany, Air Force Base and a client of a reality firm.  (Nick) Nicholas Shae Hyten was on the Prairie Grove basketball team and Laura ?? is on Chadwick’s lost alumni list. One of the histotechs, a medical profession, on the net is Monty Jo McCoskey-Hyten.

In Alta Vista I found references to KY marriages and Rebecca Caywood Hyten and elsewhere several of William Hyten’s off spring. Camart Pottery is selling Charles Dean Hyten’s Niloak and a researcher named Faizul is working on “Dupont Hyten monofiliment.”  Kim Ray Hyten is a rural planner in IN and (Terry) Terrance an attorney in Barrington, IL.
An unknown Hyten-Lyons graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 1959 along with Barbara Ann Carrico who later married David Lawrence Hyten. She shows up occasionally as B.C. Hyten to confuse me.  The death of (Lynn) Vicki Lynn Chalfant-Hyten is noted on March 6, 1998. Scott Joseph Hyten’s Action Systems, Inc. is one of Dallas’ 100 fastest growing companies for 1998. Valarie Ann Hyten made the dean’s list at Southeast MO State and there’s a Hyten Tool and Die Co. in New Ipswich, NH.
Infoseek sites included two references I couldn’t access, one in Germany and the other in El Salvador.

A HITEN search on Excite  yielded 566 hits a lot of which were genealogic references which were actually HYTENs. There still the Asian Indians with Hiten for a first name, the video games, the Hiten space probe, and HITEN electric sites. There’s a bicycle with Hi Ten Unicorn forged steel forks.
It was a Muskegee, OK, Genealogy Forum that put me on to Barbara Stewart and Sylvanus Hiten as Alford’s father. Thomas Royal Hiten ran a couple more races.
 infoseek.com and altavista.com had 250 plus duplications each, or so it seemed. One new hit was an antique dealer trying to  sell a picture of a Letta Hiten and Annamai Magee taken by Redmon Studios in Cynthiana, KY. This doesn’t come close to the names of any HARRISON COUNTY or KENTUCKY HITENs. Another question mark was Hugh Hiten, a 35 year old farmer who was born in TN of foreign born parents, in Moultrie County, IL, in 1870
At dol.gov/bla/cowgen I found an Annie Hiten of Tenino, WA, who was somehow involved with the Cowlitz Indians in Lewis County, WA, in 1915. It would seem that she was an Indian who married a HITEN but there is no way of knowing so far. There was also a Hiten in the 1888 BIA census of Puyallup, WA.
On genealogy.com I found a Daniel Hiten, a 58 year old miner, in Tulare, CA, 1880. He’s also in the county probate files having died on June 10, 1902. I also fond Vena Hiten as the mother of a Huffman so this is probably Artie Phena Hiten-Huffman.

bigfoot.com yielded a few e-mail addresses, none of whom responded to me.


There was a listing for a doctor, Linda Hyten. She is the former wife of Brad but isn’t a doctor. She just works for one.
Another unknown results from the 8-8-1918 Sedgwick County, KS, marriage of Virgina Hyten to Earl Wesley Scott.
Cresenta Valley, CA, HS Class of 1996 included Sean and Amy Hyten There is a Hyten Springs in Kelso Dunes Wilderness in California.
Wendy Hyten correspondes by e-mail with other parents of Pearson’s Syndrome victims. She and John David’s son, Mathew, died from it.
I learned that Hank Hyten’s soccer goalkeeping prowess earned him the nickname “the cat” and that Jake Hyten was a Pan-American Champion of Full-contact Muay Thai. Both are sons of Reico Van Hyten.
In a site called unsolvedmysteries.com. found he name Daryle Gene Hyten. I guessed that he was a son of Doyle Gene’s of whom I didn’t previously know. A year and a half later I found that to be true. His mother Martha Blades-Hyten is sure that he was murdered but his body hasn’t been found.


The Edwardsville, IL, Library subscribed to ancestry,com which is an excellent pay site for genealogy researchers. I have solved quite a few problems since being able to access this site.

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