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There are similarities in the family branches of Indiana’s Henry Hiten and Illinois’ William Hyten. Both remain unconnected to the main bodies sharing their family names despite tantalizing details that draw them close to the others. The trail of each begins in the mid-1800s in Indiana.    (William Hyten has since been connected to the HYDENs.)
In the 1880 Boone County, IN, census the birth place of Henry Hiten (1838-1910) is listed as Tennessee. This would mean that he is probably a HYDEN. The 1900 Jackson County, IN, census says he was born in Kentucky. That would mean he is a HITEN or HYTEN.

And then there are the HYDENs in Vigo County, IN. Are the INDIANA HITENs connected to them?
A final mystery is that of Edgar Hiten who shows up in the 1900 KY census with an 1839 birth date. This is quite near Henry Hiten’s 1838 date. With Henry having a son with the middle name of Edgar (Ed), you have to figure that this person is either related or may even be the same Henry at the top of the INDIANA HITEN tree who just happened to be back in Kentucky at the time of their local census. This, too, keeps alive the possibility of connecting the INDIANA HITENs back to the KENTUCKY HITENs.

In 1862 Henry Hitten married Caroline Hicks (1845- ) in Jackson County, IN. In later censuses she is always listed as Mary C. Hiten. From the censuses it can be determined that they had five children. Daughters Mary A. (1863- ) and Artie Phenia or Arlophena (1871-1961) both married and had children. Artie had nine. An elder son Montgomery (1865- ) just disappeared.  
Columbus (ca.1865- ) showed up in the 1920 census where he was listed as a 55 year old brother of Frank, Henry’s last son. It is possible that Columbus is a cousin or that this is Marion Columbus Hyden (1862- ), thus creating a possible HYDEN connection.

(Ed) Henry Edgar Hiten (1876-1956) married Sophia Ellen Baker (1882-ca.1972) and had five children. Three of his four daughters survived to adulthood and married and had off-spring. Mary Jane (1899-1901) didn’t.
When I first started contacting family members in 1997 many family members seem reluctant or disinterested in helping construct their family trees. I am particularly surprised that so many of Henry Hiten’s descendants don’t even know who their aunts and uncles were or if they even have any. It was Minnie M. Hiten-Johnson’s (1901-1929) son Billy who first helped me untangle the family roots. Billy Johnson said he was raised by his Uncle Buck after his mother died although a cousin recalls him living with his grandmother Sophia. His aunts Nora (Norrie) (1914-1992) and Ester Matilda (1908-1992) remained close by the Jackson and Bartholomew County areas where most of the INDIANA HITENs remain today.

Ed’s only son, (Buck) Alfred Montgomery Hiten (1911-1963) had two marriages and two families. He married Dorothy Ann Williams (1914-ca.1981) in 1929 and they had two children. Maurice Henry (1932-1982) and Mary (1930-1967). She married twice and had three kids.

Following the trail of Maurice’s marriages is interesting to say the least. He apparently married seven times, to five different women. He may have been married to three of them at the same time. He also may have been married using the names Dick or Richard.
When he divorced his first wife, Joy Johnson-Hiten (1932-1980), she returned home to Illinois with her three children. Although Billy Johnson remembers her children being in Indiana at some time after she left, but he doesn’t remember them having a mother there with them. When I first contacted Randy Maurice (1952) in 1997 he did not know anything about his heritage. Randy and sister Melody Ann (1954) remain in Illinois but brother Ricky Maurice (1952) is in Kentucky where I had first tried to connect him to the KENTUCKY HITENs.
Maurice’s second wife was Forestela Navaez Almaguer (1926-1999) of whom no one but the Texas records had ever heard. They were married from 1960 to 1979. Their daughter Sofia Juanita Hiten had three children apparently out of wedlock who bear the Hiten name.
His third wife to whom he was married from 1967 to 1979 was Maria Casuas-Segura. When I reached her in Corpus Christi in 1998 she didn’t speak English well enough for me to talk directly to her. Her grandson, Christian, translated a sketchy tale which included the fact that Maurice married again before he committed suicide in 1982. She thought it was for a third time since she didn’t know of Forestela.
She apparently didn’t know about Patsy S. Bryant either. Maurice was married to her from 1968 to 1969 and again in 1970, all the while still married to Forestela and Maria at the same time. I don’t know how or when his second marriage to Patsy ended.
Shortly after his 1979 divorces from Forestela and Maria he married Dorothy L. (Dee) Jones. He divorced her in May of 1981, remarried her in August and re-divorced her in December of the same year. In one of these marriages he appears to be using the name Dick. Less than four months later in March of 1982 he committed suicide.

By the time Buck married his second wife Ida May Young-Thompson (1914-1989) in about 1940 she had already borne him a son, Robert Thompson (1939). He never took the HITEN name. In 1943 Buck and Ida had an-other son, Daniel Paul, who had a son, Kevin Paul (1963), and four daughters. Kevin and his first wife, Melissa Gail Wray, had three sons, Dustin Paul (1984), Andrew Paul (1986), and Joseph Daniel (1989). Apparently, before Buck died, Ida married Virgil Ping in Bartholomew County, IN, in 1962. No one or no record ever mentioned that they had divorced.

The youngest son of (Ed) Henry Edgar Hiten was (Frank) Francis Marion (1881-1971). I’m still not sure exactly how many kids he and (Ola) Viola May Carr (1887-1927) had. At the time of the 1920 Jackson County, IN, census they had five children, Laura (1907-1997), Harry Emory (1910-1983), (Jew) Royal Walker (1913-1982), Carmen Telene (1916-2001), and Thadius Fillmore (1918-1974). Lebert Eugene died as an infant in 1921. Thie final child was Cletus James Carr (1927-ca. 1988)
Laura Hiten-Baird taught school for many years. Her son, Donald (1937) provided me with last minute information on her family.
Harry’s widow, Hazel Bultman-Hiten (1913) refused me information fearing I was a telephone scam artist. By the time I finally found Harry’s daughter Loberta Mae Hiten-Oathout (1929) she had retired in Florida. From her I found out that she had a sister Dorothy Jean (1932).
After much searching I had also found Maxine’s husband, Wayne Isaacs, and also Carmen Telene Hiten-White. All were very helpful to me. Wayne told me that the family home-stead had been called Hiten Hill and that it was in the Acme-Mt.Healthy area.
For a long time I thought Jew, as Royle Walker was known, had not married. Then I found a 1968 marriage application for his ex-wife Irene McKain-Hiten (1913-1998). They apparently had a daughter, Patty, whom I haven’t yet found.
It is interesting to note that as Frank’s children were born their mother Ola’s name was listed successively as Ola Carr, Olie Carr, Allie M. Carr, and Viola M. Clark.
Thadius met and married Marie Freese (1918-1992) at Daytona Beach, FL, where they were both stationed during WW II. Their son, Thomas Royle (1950), said the only aunt or uncle he could recall being mentioned was Uncle Joel who probably was Jew. Tom is a runner like me, although a little younger and faster. I catch his name in Connecticut race results on the internet. Another internet article says he set a World Record by running a 2:37.1 marathon on a tread mill in 1981, but that pace is faster than he ran in a 5K. Brother Richard Dean (1946-2000) lived in Las Vegas.

Frank and Ola were later to have three more children. The first, Lebert Eugene (1921-1921), died very young and is buried with his parents in the Acme, IN, Cemetery. Next was (Maxine) Mary Maxine (1924-1994).
The last, Cletus James (1927-1988/9) has born four months premature due to a fall Ola took. She died three days later and her brother William Carr raised Cletus. Carmen recalls him being fed with an eye dropper. Carr adopted Cletus so he finished out his life, which ended when he drowned in the White River, as a Carr not a HITEN.
In 1944 after many years of very close friendship Frank took Anna Mae Moore-Day-Smith as his second wife but they eventually divorced.

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