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The following persons listed in a very random order don’t seem to connect anywhere right now:

The marriage records of Putnam County, Indiana, list Wesley Hyton  marrying Elizabeth Robertson on Feb. 3, 1855 and Eli Hytton  marrying Mary J. Forgey on Dec. 19, 1855.  Wesley is a name in a later generation of the HARRISON COUNTY HITENs. The name Roberson not Robertson shows up in Texas with another unconnected person whom I guess to be a Hyden.
A search of the Mormon files listed  Bertha Kelly Hyten b. 1898, TX, with a husband, Elmer Louis Roberson. From the internet in 2001 I found A.J. Clifton Roberson the son of a Hyten born in TX 1-21-1924, died in Yuca, CA 1-25-1987. The same California records list Nellie Glen Danner daughter of Hyten born in Indiana 2-16-1881, died in Santa Barbara, CA 5-127-1943. The best bet is that these are Hydens.

Hendricks County records for 1872 have Rosa Hyten  marrying George Ashcraft on April 10. I’m sure she’s not connected with the William Caywood Hyten family which was in Hendricks County. I’ve seen the name Ashcraft somewhere. I think in the Cynthiana, KY, cemetery.

The 1900 Kentucky census lists Edgar Hiten.  It says he was born in 1839 which corresponds with with the 1838 birth date of Henry Hiten, the head of the INDIANA HITENs. It’s possible that they are the same person although  Henry, who died in Indiana in 1910, was in the 1900 census in his home Indiana county of Jackson.

The 1910 Kentucky census has Sam Hiten in Floyd County, as well as Nancy and Sevance. Tan Hiten is in Harrison County. I can’t make any of these out to be corruptions of any known HITEN names.

Some other early 1800 Kentucky censuses contain names spelled with variations of HYTEN. 1840 has Elizabeth Hytton in Carter County and Othey Hyton in Bath County which had been part of Montgomery County until 1811. This could well be Thomas Otho Hyten and his mother just before they left for Illinois or even on their way to Illinois.

The Social Security Death Index search on the internet yields a couple mysteries too:
 Annie Hyten, born 6-24-1897, TN, and died 10-1981, TN. She could be a HYTEN or HITEN but the dates don’t fit anyone I know of so probably is  Hyden.
Blanche Hyten, b. 2-3-1902, IN, and d. 1978, IN. In the HITEN family there is a Blanche Creighton-Hiten but she was b. 9-13-1895 and d. ca. 1971, KY.
Waino Hyten, b.4-9-1904, NY, and d. 2-1979, NY.  Earl Hyton, b. 1905, NB, and d. 1978, NB. These two surely aren’t family members.

Phone searches  come up with the following spellings which approximate HYTEN spellings in old records: Hytten, Hiton, Heton, Hytone and Hyton. Chris Hytten says his family is  from Tonsberg, Norway. Herzl Hyton was born in South Africa but his father Jack was born in Lithuania. He has uncles in Iowa who changed their name spelling to Hytone.

Civil War Rosters list two Union soldiers I can’t identify. James F. Hyten of IL was in the 5thCavelry, Company L. John Hyton of IN was in the 51st Infantry, Co. C. James could have been William Riley Hyden’s brother.
On the Confederate side there are four men, three of whom are probably Hydens based on where they are from. They are Warren Hyten of TN and W.H. Hythen and J. Hythen of AR; the later two of Dawson’s 19th Inf., Co. H.  Joseph Hyton of KY could be a HITEN but I don’t know of a single Joseph in any of the HITEN  families at that time.

From various other searches there are the following:
Elizabeth Hyten-Harris-Schultz (1863-1941) who died in Middlesboro, KY and had a child in Claiborne County,  TN.
George Z. Hyten owned land in the El Reno, OK, district.
William I. R. Hyten is mentioned in the Lawrence County, Ohio, Register.
Somebody named Hyten-Lyons  is in the University of Indianapolis class of 1959 with Barbara Ann Carrico-Hyten.
Another unknown results from the 8-8-1918 Sedgwick County, KS, marriage of Virgina Hyten to Earl Wesley Scott.
Libbie Marie Hyten died in Howard County, TX on 10-19-1966.
John F. Hyten bought land in Kern County, CA, 11-21-1917. The only possibility I can come up with is Lucy’s father  John Henry Hyten (1851-1938).

An old letter of inquiry that Gene Hyden passed on to me was from a David Althouse who says his mother was Montell Hiten- Althouse (b.11-9-1929) and his grandfather was Charlie Hiten. The only possibility of her fitting into the INDIANA HITEN family is if she were a daughter of (Frank) Francis Marion Hiten but the records don’t seem to verify that. There is no Charlie Hiten in the generation from which she would have come. Over the years I have tried unsuccessfully to find David to pursue this matter.
I have since found that Charlie Hiten who was born in Cynthiana, KY in 1900, married a Jewell Stamper around 1927 and they had two children, Frank and Monell.. While this indicates relationship  to the HARRISON COUNTY HITENs, I can’t make that connection either.

There is a Daniel Hiten born in Kentucky in 1822 who received an 1847 land grant in Pulaski County which is probably Hyden territory. He was later in the 1870 Napa County, CA, census living in a boarding house and the 1880 and 1900 Tulare County, CA, censuses. (That is in the area of the Mineral King Mines just south of Sequoiq National Park.)

There are several references to people whom I’m sure are HYDENs due to the time frames and locales in which they appear, such as, Virginia, Tennessee, or Texas. I have sent inquiries to Gene Hyden, but they haven’t yet risen to the top of his to-do pile.

There are two unexplainable Harrison County, KY, marriages for which I have the certificates. On Dec. 12, 1860 William Hiten married Mary Ann Hiten. Among the witnesses were Jas. Fields and Francis Baldwin names in the HITEN family tree and Sarah E. Hiten. She was in fact the daughter of William who had died in 1850/51 and Mary Ann Fields-Hiten. I’m willing to believe May Ann remarried but who is this William? On the other hand was the original William possibly still alive and they celebrated some sort of re-marriage?
A second William Hiten marriage took place Jan. 22, 1883. This William married Mary Hutcherson.

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